Strong Women Cry Too

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

I have called this site Strong Women Cry Too because, like me, so many women try to stay strong all the time. We are modern women in a modern world, so we have to be!

Women today deal with so much more than our Mothers or Grandmothers did.

We have children and raise a family, keep up with household chores plus hold down a job.

How do we do it???

I am not saying that men do nothing but the statistics show that when it comes too family responsibility the woman does most of the work.

So, it's OK too have a melt down. I did

For so many years I kept up the facade of being happy when I was bloody miserable.

Take time out and do something for yourself and stop trying to be superwoman.

They say that a woman can have it all but how much of a toll does this have on your mental health?

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