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Yoga by the Ocean

I also love yoga, I have done it on and off for over about 20 years but now I do it every week, in fact, if I don't do it I feel like am seizing up. It helps keep me nimble and it will surprise you at how it helps you keep fit. It is not about doing weird moves, it's about strength, not only in the body but also in the mind.

Any sort of exercise is good for you but I have found that in my more "mature" years it helps me feel strong and definitely keeps that aches and pains away.

Even going for a walk is great for the mind and body. When people say they need to clear the head and go outside or for a walk it is a form of meditation as well. It can help slow down the mind and gain some clarity to go on with your day.

A healthy diet is so important when it comes to our mental health. It is not really that hard to introduce good food into our diet as we have so many resources available to us now on the internet to help us make quick and easy food that is good for us. Lets face it, how do you feel when you have bad food ??

When people say they can't cook I see that as a cop out. Everyone can cook simple food and plenty of recipes are available online and they are easy to find.

Eat well and you feel well not only in your body but more importantly in your mind

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