Strong women cry too

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Strong Women Cry Too, is a website about being heard and telling your story, worts and all. Over the years I wasn’t brave or strong enough to tell my story of being discriminated against, harassed and bullied in the workplace and the multitude of challenges women face, not just in the workplace but life in general.  But I won’t be silent anymore.


We might have laws in place to ‘protect’ people against these types of behaviours but, unfortunately many still don’t come forward. It’s hard, really hard, to come forward and go through a process that will undermine you and

make you out to be a bad person. My court case of being made redundant while on maternity leave did exactly that which sent me down a path of covering up my great sadness.


Over the past 35 years of my working life the events that happened, from losing more jobs, being made redundant and the breakdown of my marriage, spiralled me into a black hole of depression that lead me down a path where I saw, first hand how our mental health systems are failing many people.


Turning my life around from rock bottom was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I hope that telling my story will help others with depression and anxiety so they can recognise that hiding it is not going to make it go away.


Telling my story and putting it out there in the world is scary but it has also made me more passionate about not just improving my mental health but also hopefully encourage more women to speak up and be heard. To stop accepting bad behaviour from men when it comes to sexual harassment but also the continued discrimination women have to deal with in the workplace and in society in general.

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