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Strong women cry too

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Hear my interview with Radio staion 3CR

Women around the world are more vocal than ever when it comes to discrimination and equality but so much more needs to be done for women to achieve this. For change to happen women have to keep fighting even though we don't really want to. Our lives are already busy looking after family and caring for others we feel like we don't have time to fight the good fight. We all need to play our part no matter how big or small, only together can this be achieved.

We all have stories to tell when it comes to life's challenges and when we tell our story and speak our truth we can make a difference.


Strong Women Cry Too, is a website about being heard and telling your story, wort's and all. Over the years I wasn’t brave or strong enough to tell my story of being discriminated against, harassed, bullied, and feeling like I was drowning. I never spoke up and just looked after everyone else and neglected myself. I tried to be superwoman and it finally took a huge toll on me.

I won't be silent anymore.


Telling my story and putting it out there in the world is scary but it has also made me more passionate about not just improving my mental health but also hopefully encourage more women to speak up and be heard. 









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